Tuesday, December 16, 2008

my Mom - the Queen of Crochet

I have referred to my mom as the Queen of Crochet a number of times and her is the reason why!
We took a trip to our parents homes over the weekend and while we were there, my mom wanted me to go through some of the doilies she has made recently and take the ones I wanted. She loves to crochet and has made so many doilies. She changes the ones in her home around and the extra doilies are stored in stacks in pizza boxes.
Mom and I had so much fun sitting on the bed in my old room going through them all.
I brought home 22 and my photography does not do them justice, but I want to show them with you all.
I can already my children asking for this Home Sweet Home doily - I think it should be framed with a dark background behind it.
The round one reminds me of the Texas Seal that is so popular, esp. in Texas!

Pink, aqua, purple and blue.
Mom says the small purple doily is a vintage pattern and she first made one like it when she was a teenager.
I think the yellow and orange ones will look great with fall decorations.
I plan on using this one for Valentines.
This orange one will look perfect under Jeff's Pistol Pete bank.

These 2 are a new color of crochet thread called "linen"
Pink, green and brown

orange, yellow and blue

Thanks Mom! I will have so much fun displaying these doilies.


  1. What beautiful doilies! You are so lucky to have such a creative and sweet Mom!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  2. That is truly amazing! I couldn't do that ever in a million years. She is truly the queen of crochet. Wow!

  3. Those are great! My grandma gave me some of hers too but they are not in perfect condition like yours!

  4. Hi Rhonda,
    How beautiful. That is one talent I would love to have. Your mom does great work.

  5. Those are beautiful!

    I wish I could crochet doilies like that. I tried and just couldn't get the hang of it. I can see why you call her the crochet queen!

  6. These are amazing and wonderful works of art. She is definitely the crochet queen!

  7. How beautiful and such treasures!! She IS the Queen of Crochet and an artist!!

  8. Wow!! Absolutely beautiful!!



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