Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday lunch

My parents are here visiting and when they come, our kids come to visit too. We had a very nice Sunday lunch together today.
While lunch was cooking, Jimmy studied some while visiting with the Queen of Crochet.
On the other couch, my dad, Fletch, Bobby and Bridgette.
Jeff and John are in the recliners. John was playing games with Bridgette's I-phone,
Bobby and Bridgette again, they are the easiest people to take pictures of, they both always pose and smile. And Bobby looks much better these days with his hat on.
Lunch was garlic bread and lasagna. I've been using the Neely's lasagna recipe from FoodTV with a few changes - today I added turkey pepperoni.
We also had a big salad.
Nina getting her salad and avoiding the vegetables she does not like.
Fletch was hoping to get some lasagna but I think he just got a few bites of bread.

I hope you all had a nice Sunday too!


  1. I love the pics you have a beautiful family

  2. I enjoyed your pictures of the family and the food. Your meal looks fantastic! Love the dog picture especially!


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