Sunday, May 10, 2009

Retro Mothers Day

This is my family on Mother's Day, about 1972 I think.
See the roses we are wearing? In the south, it was customary to wear roses to church on Mothers Day - red if your mother is living or white if your mother has passed on.
Wasn't my mom the most glamorous mom? She was and still is the prettiest mom around.
She made my dress - yes, I know is was really short and her dress too. She made most all of our clothes until she was working full time and even then, she still made some of our clothes.
Happy Mothers Day, Mom!


  1. I love this picture. It reminds me of my family back then. Yes she is very pretty. Happy Mothers day.

  2. My mom often mentions a similar tradition from her youth. Only, here in the Philippines where roses can be expensive, they used the cadena de amor (chain of love) flower, pink if your mom was alive and white if deceased. :)

  3. We did that red and white roses thing too. Usually there were both colors in the yard. I thought about it yesterday morning, but didn't follow through. We have red roses, but no white ones. Mama would have needed the white one. No one else at church at one, but when I was growing up lots of them had the red or white flower on their clothes.

    Great picture!

  4. Love the picture! My mom made our clothes too. It's a special memory for me. We wore roses too.


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