Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 23 - 2009

me in my parents kitchen, with my brother's birthday cake

What I bought


2 bags pretzels, tortilla chips, 2 chocolate bars, 1 loaf bread

sweetener, flour, large can of coffee, 24 cans tomato sauce

butter, gallon of skim milk, whipped topping, 2 packs of sliced cheese,

2 pounds shrimp, 8 pounds chicken pieces, 3 pounds lean ground beef

3 frozen orange juice

3 multi-color bell peppers, 2 pounds carrots, red grapes, corn on the cob, 2 pounds strawberries,

10 pounds russet potatoes, 5 pounds red potatoes, zucchini, broccoli crowns, romaine hearts, 2 spring mix, mushrooms, red onions, 2 cantalope and grape tomatoes


Mayo and dijon mustard

half Cure 81 ham, sliced ham and turkey for sandwiches

2 jars diced pimentos

I was in Texas for part of this week. This is what I cooked when I got back home.


cereal for breakfast

beef roast with carrots, potatoes and gravy and a green salad for lunch

snacks for supper


turkey sandwiches, potato salad, green salad and strawberry shortcake


Little burgers with more potato and green salad and strawberry shortcake from Tuesday

Gayles Grocery Cart Challenge


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    What a beautiful picture. Now I have a face with a name.

  2. Thanks for stopping by to see my thrifty treasures. Oh my husband went back with the car to get the birdbath! Yes, it's concrete and even though he's in good shape it would have been quite heavy to walk around with it!


  3. That is a lot of food for not much money, way to go.

  4. Hi! I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did! What a wonderful blog! That cake looks devine....classic yellow with chocolate frosting...wonderful! I'll be back again..see you soon!

  5. Hi Rhonda! Love your picture and am so impressed with your grocery bargains!!

    P. S. I really love your blog name!!


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