Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy 58th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad

I don't have a wedding picture to share with you but here are a few shots of my glamorous mom and dad through their marriage.
Happy Anniversary to you both!

Homecoming - about 1970

On their 31st anniversary



  1. How marvelous to watch them grow together in an instant in your blog post. What a BEAUTIFUL couple. Congratulations to your parents, I look forward to celebrating a long and loving marriage as well one day.

  2. What a lucky girl you are to have parents who are still together after 58 years!

    Congratulations to them (and you!)

  3. Congratulations to your parents for 58 years!!! They both look great!!!!

  4. Your Mom sends warm and heart felt thanks to you sweet daughter. And so glad Jeff is doing well. The jewelry is beautiful and can't wait to get mine. And, yes, Nina's pink towels are "stinking cute" and baby Gavin, as well. Love You, Mom

  5. Congratulations to your parents! What a blessing for your family to have parents that stayed together for a whole lifetime. I agree, too, they are very glamorous.

  6. Oh, I especially love the 2nd picture! Don't they look hip in their 70's clothes! Your mom looks like a movie star for sure!

  7. Congratulations to your mom and dad! That is absolutely wonderful! I do love the pictures as I was in my 20s in the 1970s. You are blessed to have two such wonderful parents. Wishing them and you many blessings for their future together.

  8. Wanted to share with you about our 58th anniversary day. In between loading our RV we made a trip to Texarkana for groceries and lunched at Bryce's. Since OSU and the Texas Rangers both played at 3 p.m. and OU at 6 p.m. we opted to not go out as previously planned and your brother Rex barbequed 2 chickens, new potatoes, and he sauteed both yellow and zuchinni squash from his garden and a big strawberry pie from our church cookbook. It was all scrumptious and he did it all by himself. I offered to slice the squash, but was not allowed to do so - isn't he amazing? Love You, Mom

  9. How nice to put a face to your mother's name now. I hope they had a wonderful anniversary and will have many many more happy years to come!

    Hugs ~


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