Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Mom's sewing room

We just got back from East Texas, Jeff and I spent a few days with our parents.
Jeff was actually in Arkansas most of the time, his parents live 20 miles from my parents but across the state line.
I took lots of pictures of my parents home, their home is not huge but it is filled with so many interesting things.
So, I've got lots of new pictures and will start off telling you about my mom and her sewing.
Mom has always sewed. She made pretty things for our home but mostly, she used to make most all our clothes.
Now, she mostly sews fun things like little quilts and coasters and some bigs quilts too.

This is Mom's sewing room, it used to be my brother's bedroom.

On her 75th birthday, she got a fancy Bernina 75th anniversary sewing machine.

beside it, she has a small presssing board so she can just press her seams without getting up and moving everything.

This is her first sewing machine as a new bride, a Singer featherweight

just a little vignette of pretties Mom has in her sewing room

Mom has plenty of fabric and WIPs or UFOs, whatever you prefer to call them.

This used to be the "sewing center" in their home. All those bedrooms were full of kids so when my parents designed this home, they had closet in the utility room set up for sewing. There is a cut out for a sewing machine, shelves and drawers, and when we were finished sewing, we would just shut the closet doors.
Mom and I both sewed many things in this sewing center, now she uses it for storage.


  1. Your mom has a wonderful sewing space! Much better than the utility room space.

  2. I always enjoy seeing sewing room pictures! I love your Mom's. I can see where you got your talent and enjoyment of sewing Rhonda!

    My SIL, who is a great seamstress, has one of those sewing closet places. She just closes it up when she isn't using it. I need more space than that and end up with a mess if I'm not careful when I am working on a big project.

    Thanks for the ideas.

  3. What a neat little space! I love seeing unique spaces in homes like this. She must love the quiet time she can find in that room! :)

  4. Your mom's sewing room is wonderful. When my second daughter got married I finally had a whole room for sewing. Before that it was a small area in the dark basement. I love being able to just walk in a sunny bedroom and start sewing. Thanks, also, for your tips on quilting and pointing me in the right direction.

  5. I had a memory 'pop' looking at the former sewing closet. My mom had a closet set up in one of our homes. It was a big double closet in the den portion of the kitchen/dining room. My mom made all mine and her clothes and a few things for my brothers as well as curtains for the house. I learned to sew, too, when I was 12 or 13, but Mama never taught me how to cut out a pattern and alter it to fit...Nice memory pop! I'd forgotten all about that sewing closet...

  6. I indeed see where you get your love of sewing from! Your mom has a nice sewing area.

    That is nice you can see both set of parents at the same time.

  7. I would LOVE to have a sewing room! One day I will when my kids start getting married. I'm not rushing them though! It would be so nice to have everything in one place!


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