Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My handsome son

My son has been working as an Animal Welfare Officer for about 7 years now. The town he works for has a shortage of officers but they are actively looking to hire more. They have this picture on their homepage and also have this on posters all around town.
My baby is the one with the big smile in the center.
Animal Welfare Officers are not "dog catchers" His daily activities rarely include picking up pets who have just gotten loose from their homes. He spends a lot of time rescuing animals that are abused by their owners.
If you are thinking about getting a pet, check out the wonderful pets that just need a loving home in your local shelter.
And like Bob Barker always said "Have your pets spayed or neutered."


  1. Hey Rhonda - I am so glad to see the post of your Animal Welfare Officer son - do you remember leaving such a kind note on my post about Millie? I hope you share that with your son and let me know how much I really, really appreciate people such as himself and the other officers. Do you know how people have ads/sites on the side of their blogs that people can click into? Does your son know of a good one to do with animal welfare that I can add to help spread the encouragement? Like I mentioned in my post, adopting Millie was one of the more rewarding experiences that I have had! P.S. Love the pics of your room below! Love, Esther

  2. What a worthwhile job your son does. Over here in England we have the RSPCA who work so hard to rescue abandoned or abused animals. Unfortunately their workload is still very heavy as people do not seem to appreciate their animals or treat them with respect. Keep up the good work..


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