Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valentines Day Tree

This tree is still a work in progress. It is our first year to have a Valentines tree so I pretty much started from scratch with its decorations.
It needs more tinsel and more ornaments but I refuse to buy anything unless I really like it.
The 4 ornaments in the close-up are some of my favorites. The postcard belonged my grandmother-in-law. The pink crocheted heart is from an online friend named Joanne. The felt and sequin hearts were stitched by me.


  1. Rhonda, I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog! I am so glad that your family enjoyed the porcupine meatballs:) I am in LOVE with your Valentine tree. I especially love the vintage postcard, not only because it's beautiful but also because it has a memory of a loved one! I also love your pink room, it looks like a very happy place:)

  2. Rhonda, so glad to see you blogging! Your valentine tree is really lovely. The old postcard is very special. I think of all vintage postcards, valentine ones are my favorite.

  3. Rhonda, What a sweet Valentines tree. I love the adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a lovely day :-} ~Mary~ IsabellasCloset

  4. Rhonda ~ How sweet to see my crocheted heart hanging on your Valentine's tree :) It will be fun to visit your blog and see what new things you've done in your home! Hugs, Joanne

  5. what a lovely idea - A valentines tree filled with hearts - definitely a new idea for our home


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