Sunday, April 22, 2007

Teach us to number our days

The Time Is Now
Lord, I see with startling clarity
That life is never long enough
To put you off until tomorrow.
The things that are before are all too soon behind.
I can never pick up the years I've put down.
If I intend to walk with You tomorrow
I must start today.
By Ruth Harms Calkin

I spent the majority of my weekend in church. On Saturday I went to the second day of a womens retreat at my daughter's church. The speaker was a very wise woman, Shirley Bryan from Dallas Theological Seminary. She does not work there actually, her husband does, but pastors and their wives are usually a package deal.
Shirley talked on 3 different Psalms and I most liked her talk on Psalms 90.
It is a Psalm about time, about the frustration we feel with our fragile lives on earth and how we need to rely on God, because He is our our timekeeper, our teacher, our future, our satisfaction and our encourager and blesser.
I am almost 50, even though I feel younger, and I know I probably have less than half of my life left to live on earth. I do plan to really strive to number my days and have fewer regrets.


  1. Thanks for this reminder! My father died when he was only 59 and he said he had no regrets. I remember thinking that was so good.

  2. first time at your blog..I am a fan of Ruth Harms Calkins too.Love the autumn touches in your home


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