Monday, March 3, 2008

A Year of Savings - covered casserole

Chicken Rice Pilaf is baking in the oven for our supper tonight. It is a very cold day so the oven is cooking our meal and helping heat our house.
Most casseroles are baked with a cover on them. I like to use aluminum foil but it recently dawned on me that using a casserole dish that has a lid is much more economical and greener than using foil that just gets thrown away every time.
I have 3 covered casserole dishes, this big one and 2 small vintage Pyrex ones. Garage sale season will be starting soon and a medium sized covered casserole dish is on my garage sale want list.

Chicken Rice Pilaf is one of my daughter's favorites meals. She posted about it recently on her blog. I used carrots, celery and onions in mine and hen that was leftover from a meal last week.

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  1. That recipe sounds great. I checked it out over at your daughter's blog. Maybe I can cook this this week. thanks.


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