Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Year of Savings - finished project

I continue to work my way through the supplies I have on hand and finished this simple blanket this afternoon.
Nina sort of started this blanket several years ago when she needed a blanket to sit on at football games. She found this fabric and matched up the 2 pieces but that is as far as she got. This length of denim and striped corduroy have been folded together ever since.
So, today, I straightened up the edges and made them both the same size, then just sewed around the edge with the fabric wrong sides together. I also sewed along 3 of the stripes lengthwise to keep the 2 layers together. Then I clipped around the edges so it would fringe when washed.
This will be a useful blanket to take to football games or to keep in the car - but I have a hunch that of my kiddos will claim it.


  1. Hmm, I have no recollection of starting it, lol! But I think I should get it because 1. I started it (suppossedly :) ) and 2. I go to more football games. :)

  2. It is a good idea to keep one in the car--and I love the blue and yellow together.

  3. I love this simple quilt. Nina did a good job of picking the colors. You are so clever! Susan in SC

  4. Very cute. I have made a couple of quilts out of denim. I buy tons of jeans from the thrift store and use them. I love having the different looks of denim all through it. Love, Esther


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