Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall at our front door

The fall items displayed inside and the cooler weather have really inspired me to do some more fall things. So I put a few things out by our front door. The leaf garland was purchased at a thrift store and I have always used in the house but I think it looks really good over this curved window. I hope to add a big pumpkin or 2 the next time I go shopping.
Theo our dog is such a good sport! But he only sits out front when I am taking his picture.
Other fall doings
baked an apple pie on Saturday
made potato corn chowder for Tuesday supper
sorting recipes with Thanksgiving in mind


  1. I love this picture with the dog in it. He looks about as excited as our dog does when I make him pose for a picture!!! He's so cute with his fall bandana on!

  2. Your fall decorations are lovely, but seeing your dog posing so obligingly reminds me of our little Lhasa Apso. Every time I would tell the kids to pose for pictures, like in front of the Christmas tree, she would trot over and take her place in the front... pose beautifully, and I'm convinced that she smiled for the camera! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.

  3. I think Theo is wishing he lived with me.... :)

  4. Perfect! I love it all!! Looks sooo good! So cute with the dog!!!

  5. Too cute! Getting our fall 'stuff' out tonight!

  6. I have been browsing your it..might be the first time I am here..enjoying every minute of it.


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