Thursday, October 11, 2007

Homemade dog treats

I got an email yesterday from HGTV about 50 things you could make for your pet. I am sure our pet Theo did not want a dog dress or catnip fortune cookie but this peanut butter doggie cookie recipe did sound like a nice treat.,1801,HGTV_3153_5508341,00.html

This is a simple recipe, mostly whole wheat flour, oatmeal, peanut butter and canned beef broth.

Before I baked them, I talked to Nina. Remember how I said she likes the deluxe version of everything? Nina baked dog cookies for her doberman a while back and her versions included being dipped in white chocolate!

I just thought it was so funny because it really illustrated how Nina and I are so different.
We both bake treats for our pets but my dog cookies are the simplest recipe I have ever seen and Nina decorates her dog cookies!


  1. So cute! Zerbie is waiting patiently for some. :) I also made my "extra" cute because they were for a silent auction at work; we made a puppy basket. I new they'd get more bids if they were more deluxe.

  2. Dog cookies!?! What a cool idea, I just might try that out, thanks for the great idea/s!

  3. OHHH--yay!!! I am going to print this out and make some for my doggie--I will let you know how they turn out:)



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