Saturday, September 5, 2009

a little bit of this and a little of another

Hello everyone
This post will cover several topics - thought about making them all separate but decided to just put them all together.
First - Jeff is doing great! He had his first outpatient physical therapy session on Friday and today he walked our whole block - he is on crutches and slow but he is walking with full weight on his new joint.
"Stinkin Cute" towels
these 2 pictures are from Nina after she put the towels we embellished in her guest bath room.

They are really cute, aren't they?

Premier Jewelry
I had never heard of this company before 2 weeks ago. It is a jewelry company that sells its line like Tupperware. Nina had a party about 2 weeks ago.
I ordered some necklaces and they are already here.
The jewelry is very nice and stylish. Premier seems to have a great profit percentage for the hostess and the company rep.
So if any of you are looking for something to sell to make some income, this might be a company you should look in to.

My brother grew these flowers, mostly from seeds, except for the canna bulbs that he got free from a lady he met at Wal-mart.
I really like his zinnias. My mom did not garden a lot but she always grew zinnias.

I planted some zinnia seeds but I think a big rain came right afterward and washed them mostly away - except for this one that grew. I've already cut the flowers off of it once but it keeps blooming ....

and has lots more buds on it that just seem to keep coming.

close-up of one zinnia
I will for-sure be planting more zinnia seeds next year.

Grandson Gavin just turned 7 months old.
Gavin is a face-maker and keeps us all laughing.
He is doing his snorting face here.
he is stinkin-cute too, isn't he?


  1. Glad to hear Jeff is doing better. Being on crutches is a pain. I had a difficult time using them for a few weeks back in February when I broke my foot. Those towles ARE cute! Your brothers flowers are so pretty. And your grandson....with that face.....LOL Adorable :)

  2. The towels are stinkin cute! Love the flowers. And of course Gavin is ADORABLE!

  3. I love the towels! Gives me inspiration to do something similar in our upstairs bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Still love the towels! I had a bumper crop of zinnias this year. Just had to pull up a bunch of them because they are looking so bad. Some are still pretty though!

    Gavin is growing!

  5. Gavin is such a cutie! I love zinnias too! This is the first time I've grown them and I already bought some seeds when they were on clearance for next year. They come in such wonderful colors! The towels are really cute!


  6. I bet Gavin is the best medicine in your house!

    Hugs ~


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