Friday, September 18, 2009

A little fall fluffing

I got some inspiration from Manuela and her beautiful fall ideas for decorating our mantel. She used apple green paint to paint the frame on a print and I thought it was so pretty. Well, apple green does not really match my house but I liked her idea so I used some Martha Stewart paint that does match my house on an old frame, put a table runner in the frame, and filled the apothecary jars with fall things.
Yes, Nina, those are your turkey salt and pepper shakers from Grandma Campbell, but they like sitting on our mantel for now.
Green polka dot sheers from my favorite thrift store - $2 for the pair

I put the wreath my brother made back in the same spot as last year.
Jeff hung up the bird hanger - I got it at a yard sale in the spring and painted it black and just now decided to where to put it.

Fall wreath I made this year for outside - I got all the "parts" at Hobby Lobby for 1/2 price and I think it looks almost as good as the readymade ones that were priced at $40-50.
And since mine cost less than $13, I won't feel too bad when the Oklahoma wind beats it up.


  1. Your Mom thinks your Fall decorating to be beautiful - can just see you filling all the glass containers with the "pretties". And the turkey salt and pepper shakers Mother gave Nina surely look grand on the mantel. Good work Rhonda!

  2. Everything looks so lovely. I just love Fall!!

    Happy Friday!


  3. I'm not good at making wreaths. My oldest daughter is. Yes, Manuela is a great inspiration for me as well. It's looking like fall at your house! Hope the hubby is coming along well in his recuperation period.

  4. I love the milk glass! I have a tiny collection and I use it all the time.

  5. Hi Rhonda!

    Your mantel looks terrific! I love the idea of placing a table runner in a frame! So cute - that's what I love about blogging...we can inspire each other! Your wreath looks beautiful!


  6. I love autumn decorating & to make it even sweeter, there's nothing better than finding some of the treasures at a thrift store! Thanks for sharing. I've done some autumn decorating myself, if you'd care to visit my blog.


  7. It looks GREAT! I am going through withdrawls... I usually am all decorated by now but just have not had the time :(

  8. Love your decorating! I wish Fall would arrive in Arizona! Hard to decorate when it's still over 100 degrees.

    You should be getting a package any day now!


  9. Love your autumn decorations Rhonda! I am taking a break from cleaning and changing my living room around. I am unpacking my autumn decorations as I clean. It is so nice to see my favorite things for my favorite season come back out again. You reminded me to get out my acorn salt and pepper shakers from my hutch. I keep them there year round. Now if I was Nina...I would come claim those adorable turkey salt and pepper shakers!

    I have been on vacation so am behind on your blog. Hope all is well with you and Jeff???

    Hugs ~


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