Monday, April 6, 2009

Rummage sale finds

We went to 2 church rummage sales on Friday and one neighborhood garage sale on Saturday. We found lots of goodies. Gavin got several thing. Isn't the little denim jacket so cute? I found it at the $1 a bag church sale. The staff passes out big paper grocery sacks and then you just fill your bags with as much as you can.
The other toys were a quarter each. The ducky is still in the package and monkey that plays music and lights up still has it's original tag.
I was hoping to find a good deal on a stroller for Gavin and we came home with 2 and only spent $5 for both. When our weather gets better, I will take him for a stroll and see which one rolls better and pass on our least favorite one to someone else.

Here's a very close-up of Gavin, he did not go shopping, not yet anyway!

A bunch of vintage sewing supplies from the $1 a bag sale.

I love this iron birdie rack! It was $1. It is heavy and came with a set of anchors. So I will have to find a good spot for it where it can stay. I may paint it black, what do you think?

8 pieces of milkglass - white glass, would you believe they were 50 cents each? A young lady had a long table full of nothing but this white glass. I'm guessing one of her older relatives spent a long time collecting it.
I'm very happy with the ones I got. Jimmy got 2 modern looking vases from that set.

2 lamps were $3 total
a stack of old magazines and cook books from the $1 a bag rummage sale.
I think yard sale season may be my favorite time of year, and it is just getting started!


  1. Wow! You realy lucked out with that milkglass - fabulous prices! All great finds!


  2. Oh my goodness, I love that bird hook, and that milkglass be still my heart!!

  3. You found some amazing items at such great prices! You can't beat rummage sales, yard sales and thrift stores for treasure hunts. I think the bird rack would be great painted. I know you will find the perfect way to use it!

  4. I just love that iron bird hanger! You got some great deals!

    Cute baby. :-)

  5. You did great on your rummage sale finds! Funny about the milk glass...I found the same piece just last week at Goodwill...the standing "bowl" with the lacey edges. :-)


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