Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what a difference $1 makes

I bought this nice denim bedskirt and 2 pillow covers at the $1 a bag rummage sale last month. I did not intend on using it on my bed but bought it because it was such nice denim fabric.

Yesterday, I saw that this star quilt has just a little blue in it so I thought I would try it on this bed and am really happy with it.
This bed skirt is such good quality that even the fabric part that goes under the mattress is the same nice denim, not that psuedo-interfacing material that is used for most skirts.

The sheets are red and white gingham. I was not really going for such a country, patriotic look but the room is really comfortable and looks more finished now.

One corner of the room has this quilt rack.

We put a chair in each of the corners by the window.

There are no dressers or chest of drawers in this room because our closet is big enough to hold our clothes. That leaves plenty of extra space in this room. I would really prefer this room was smaller but houses now just seem to be increasing the size of master bedrooms, not making them smaller.


  1. I'll bet those would be great reading chairs, especially next to the windows like that!

  2. I love no dressers or chests in the room. That is my goal one day for my bedroom. I love the bed skirt and pillow shams with your quilt.

  3. I love the quilt that's made from circles of denim with other fabrics in the middle (though I'm not sure what it's called!).

    I found your blog from Tara's Faith Acre Farm today. Lovely room you have!


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