Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Mulch

There are 2 places in my town that I know of to get free mulch. One is from the city recycling center that is run by the sanitation department. They chip up the tree branches that the sanitation trucks pick up.
The other is at our fairgrounds. They move the bedding from the animal stalls out to the back field and it is free for the taking.
Jeff went out this morning and got a big load of that free mulch. Last week, it was bedding for the show horses. This week, it is mulching my flowerbeds.
Anyone can get this free mulch, but it is best if you have a pick-up truck and a husband willing to do that work.

After - part of the flower bed by the front sidewalk.

This flower bed is in the corner of the front yard.
The pink flowers are Dianthus - really hardy perennials that come back bigger every year.
And if you look close, you will see lots of buds on the irises. They should bloom very soon.

Thanks, Jeff!


  1. Glad to see other communities doing this...Ours does as well. I just need my dad to come over in his pickup and go get it for me! Don't think my husband would be too happy with me filling up the back of the van!

  2. I love free anything, don't you? Your flower beds are gorgeous.

  3. Marianna
    for sure do NOT get mulch in your van or SUV. It does blow around and even makes a good mess in a pick-up.

    Thanks for the compliment, Valerie.

    We are not very experienced at gardening but have been trying.

  4. oh your flowers are so pretty!

  5. I am so jealous! Our town offers chipping and then the mulch for free about once every quarter, but my partner in crime won't let me put the mulch in his truck! (He says it is too messy....I say what is a truck for!)

  6. Beware of the free mulch from the city..we got that one year and ended up with a lot of poison ivy.


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