Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Plumbing

We had a little hitch in the middle of cooking for today's Easter meal. We've had a few problems with a leak under the kitchen sink and Jeff has worked on it twice and we thought it was fixed. But while I cooking, Jimmy was walking in the living room and discovered that carpet was wet.
The leak was worse than we thought. Jeff started taking the plumbing apart and discovered our faucet was bad.
This could not have happened at a much worse time. See all the dirty dishes waiting-- and the kitchen plumbing not working!
the dirty dishes from making a big salad, deviled eggs, banana bread and a pantry pound cake.

We headed to Lowes and took the coupons that were in today's paper. Our old faucet was a Moen and since it did not seem to last too long, we wanted to try a different brand. We got this AquaSource one.
The old one came off pretty quick and went right in the trash.

Jimmy and Jeff both worked on the plumbing.

and Bobby worked on the new faucet.

After about 3 hours total, the new faucet was installed and working perfectly, no leaks!
The dishes all got washed and our meal, though modified a bit, was served on time.
The instructions on the new faucet said it should take about 12 minutes to install, but don't believe it - I'm afraid that is wrong!
I'm very thankful for my handy guys! They don't like to plumb but they got the job done.


  1. Lucky you with handy guys! I am still waiting on my plumber from 2 weeks ago. He is trying to work me into the schedule. We have that same leak under my sink! LOL!

  2. Congratulations on the new faucet! You must be so happy to know that problem is behind you. Glad you guys had a great Easter in spite of the leak!

  3. Yea for men who know how to work with their hands!!! Glad it was taken care of and you were able to get those dirty dishes washed, oh joy!


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