Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Week 17 2009


1 loaf bread at Dollar Tree


pack of 20 small tortillas
egg roll wrappers (I used 6 and froze the rest)
2 12 ounce bacon
clementines, potatoes, frozen peas and corn
4 boxes crackers
1 Kraft dressing - I had 1 more $1.50 coupon
1 gallon skim milk

April 22
French Onion Salisbury steak with fresh spinach

April 23
Chicken breasts with dressing and oven roasted asparagus

April 24
Soft beef tacos

April 25
sandwiches for lunch
Asian veggies and chicken with rice and egg rolls for supper

April 26
cereal for breakfast
BLTs for lunch
baked turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes and big salad for supper

April 27
leftover chicken/rice from Sat. and big salad

April 28
Turkey shepherds pie with fresh spinach and green salad
for more menus and shopping totals, visit Gayle at Grocery Cart Challenge


  1. I LOVE the kitchen! Those cuboards are gorgeous...

  2. Your counters are so clean and neat. Wish mine looked like that! I used a picture of your Easter Eggs on my blog, I hope you didn't mind.


  3. I like the decorative plates in your kitchen! your menu sounds yummy!


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