Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easters Past

I don't know if anyone but my family will be interested in these old pictures but they all have fond memories for me. So just skip this post if you don't want to see a bunch of old pictures with eggs and baskets.

The picture may have Aug 1963 printed on it but it was taken Easter. The 2 boys are my brothers and I am the first girl with curls. The other 2 girls lived near-by.
Look how tiny the houses in the background seem. Back then, everyone we knew lived in a similar tiny house.

I'm in the white peasant top. I was decorating eggs that evening. My brother and his girlfriend had a date that night but they stayed and decorated eggs for awhile. Do teens still get that dressed up for a plain old Saturday night date?

Bobby, Nina and Jimmy with a big basket of eggs.

Jimmy, Nina and Bobby after church in the church parking lot. We lived aboard Camp Pendleton and went to church in San Clemente. Our church was on a hillside and isn't that a great view? I think San Clemente is one of the prettiest towns.

Nina and I in front of our Camp Pendleton home.

Clint, Bobby, Jimmy and Nina
we were living in Jeff's grandparents farmhouse in OK this year.
Can you see the boy's boots? They all had matching faux snakeskin cowboy boots.

this was our front yard when we lived in the house we built in the country.
so however you celebrate Easter tomorrow, take some pictures! In years to come, you will be glad you did.


  1. Cool pictures... What cherished memories...
    Happy Easter!

  2. Pictures & Blogging- great memories. I loved seeing the old pictures.

  3. Loved you pictures! :)


  4. Loved your old pictures! How cute that kids dressed up so much to go out on a Saturday night! Not any more..... now they are only "half dressed"... ha ha.


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