Monday, April 20, 2009

week # 16 -2009

What I bought
trash bags
8 pack paper towels
2 cases Dasani water
Dollar Tree
4 loaves high fiber bread
flour, yeast, coconut, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips
squeeze mustard, red wine vinegar, barbecue sauce
1 pound butter, 1 dozen eggs, 2 gallons milk, sour cream, whipped topping,
cheese slices, 2 pounds sharp cheddar
bacon and sausage
jalapenos, strawberries, red grapes

Aldis Some of these are repeats I already bought but Jeff ended up where he could shop at Aldis so I had him stock up on things that were a good price
2 spinach, romaine hearts, asparagus, bell peppers, 2 iceberg lettuce
mushrooms, red onions, roma tomatoes, grape tomatoes
2 saltines and 1 can cashews
2 choc. chips, 2 flour, brown and powdered sugar, baking cocoa, quick oatmeal

Meals served
April 15
last of the Easter ham with potatoes and green beans

April 16
Taco Rice Salad

April 17
Mexican Pasta skillet with a big salad

April 18
eggs, sausage and biscuits and OJ for breakfast
Hideaway pizza for supper

April 19
Biscuits and gravy with eggs, sausage, bacon and OJ for breakfast
pork loin sandwiches with potatoes for lunch
leftover pizza with a big salad for supper

April 20
big green salad, chicken tenders and strawberry shortcake
I used these 2 Martha Stewart recipes and both are keepers.
chicken tenders we made our own sauce from dijon and horseradish

April 21
big green salad with onion salisbury steak and the rest of the strawberry shortcake
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  1. I make chicken tenders in the oven but I use Italian bread crumbs. They are a fantastic quick meal!


  2. Rhonda I am so impressed with your commitment to being so frugal and how you take the time to document it so that we can all be inspired threw your efforts! Great Job!!

  3. Oops Rhonda I think I posted that last comment on my sons acct and I cant figure out how to change it back to mine
    it was me Cyndi Cyndi's re-creations

  4. wow you really are frugality in action. Great job and everything sounds great!


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