Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm a little slow....

I posted back on July 23 that I had a plan to swap around our 3 empty bedrooms. It's taken awhile for several reasons, partly because of Jeff's surgery and taking care of Gavin, but also because it just takes me awhile to think about things and decide what I want and where it should be.
So far, one of the guest rooms is pretty much done as well as the new craft room/computer room.
All the big furniture is in place as well as some the accessories, and my next step will be to get some pretty things hung on the walls.

Guest room #1
Most everything in here were things I had previously used in other rooms. The curtains and pillows are from the living room, both the bedspreads and side tables were once used in the master room.
The only things I bought were the lamps from a garage sale for $1 and new shades for them from Big Lots.

One side table - 2 patchwork table toppers were previously used as a window treatment in the craft room.
The decoupaged lunch pail is thrift store find several years ago and holds note cards.
the other side of the bed - the toile box is from a yard sale last month.

favorite toys from the past

Nina bought this cute message board at a yard sale but them changed her mind and asked me if I wanted it. It will look great hung on the wall in this mostly red and green room.

And you can lay in bed and watch TV if you want to.

Craft room / computer room

I already had one of the white book shelves, they work so well, Jeff got 2 more and put them together last night.
The sewing desk is in the middle of the room so while I sew, if I want to....

I can watch the news or a decoration show on TV.
The little armoire was part of Nina's bedroom furniture before she moved out. Now it holds craft supplies.

Rubber stamps on a shelf that Jeff and his dad built several years - it got a fresh coat of white paint.
This room does not have much hung on it's walls either - and it needs a a new valance on the single window.
And even though I've been thinking and working on these rooms for almost 3 months, not exactly as fast as those TV decorating shows, I'm really happy with how they've turned out.
The 3rd bedroom is also a guest room with Gavin's things in there too. I'll show you some pictures of it soon.


  1. Both rooms look really nice, Rhonda! I'm so envious of your craft room. :)

  2. EVERYTHING looks so nice and the sewing/craft room is to die for! I love the shelving. You should be as happy as can be when in there working and be so motivated! :o)

  3. The rooms do look very nice. Love the shape of the window in the bedroom.

    The craft room shelving is really nice!

  4. Everything looks so cozy. I"ll be right over to lay in bed and watch tv. Do you serve breakfast? ;-)

  5. I always that you are working on the postage stamp quilt. Are you sewing on the new or old?

  6. Very nice craft room! I would spend hours in there...IF I was crafty, LOL

  7. Looks great! Don't feel bad....I still have paint cans and junk behind my bedroom door from the spring...just waiting for me to get around to stripping the wallpaper in there!

  8. Both rooms look great!
    I can't wait to see the last one when you're done!

  9. Your guests will be lucky to stay in that pretty guest room. I also love your craft room. It's so nice to see everything and be able to find it when you need it. Great job!


  10. Wow! Your rooms are a great way to show re-using what you have around the house. Your craft room is gorgeous. I'd love to stay in your guest room for a night or two.

  11. Love your rooms Rhonda!

    Hugs ~


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