Wednesday, October 28, 2009

more pictures inside my parents home

There are lots of pictures in this post....

I found the circles for these pumpkins in Mom's stash, she had cut them out last year. So Dad fetched some branches that I cut up for the stems and I sewed this bunch of pumpkins on our last visit there.

a little quilt, ceramic hearts and a needlework scene - all made by Mom

3 grandsons framed on the wall - they are all 3 bigger and older now

3 generations
Mom, me and NinaBeth

Gavin is pretty much of the star of the fridge

Kitchen table decorated for fall

old oak bufffet,
my parents bought it at an auction in their hometown way back when I was teenager

Printers tray filled with pictures and momentos

glass front hutch filled with their wedding china and crytal

lamp made by Dad with help from my Grandpa.
they used a wagon axle and wheel hub. It was from an old wagon on my grandparents farm and Grandpa thought the wagon had been driven into Oklahoma during one the land runs.

dresser in the guest room - the clear crystal thing is a cast of my brothers face - he was the model for an award and it was a big honor made by a professional artist, it seems just a pinch creepy to me though...

Crazy quilt heart made by Mom from neckties that belonged to her daddy

crewel embroidery picture by Mom, this reminds all of us the farm she grew up on


  1. Ooh, I LOVE those pumpkins. So adorable. :)

  2. These pictues are neat to see. The pumpkins are cute. Cool story about the lamp. I LOVE the oak buffet, printers shelves, and the china cabinet.

    That is an ideal with the ties. I had wanted to get the ties from my grandpa but I didn't. I need to see if my sister did or not.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    How homey and cozy.I love the pumpkins.

  4. Your parents have a very interesting home. I like it alot!

  5. Ah, quilting runs in your family! I do believe I see a prized postage stamp quilt with all the little squares!

  6. such treasures...the pumpkins are great!

  7. Fun to look at your mom's home. The "plumpkins" are addictive at the best of times but when you find that your mom already has the circles cut...well. They all look great!

    Hugs ~

  8. I just saw pumkins made from yo-yos of different sizes. They used a golf tee for the middle and the pointy end was the stem.

    My Grandma had a glass-front hutch very similar to your mom's. It was FULL of her salt & pepper set collection.


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