Tuesday, November 3, 2009

K-Mart should pay a commision to Manuela

Last month I read on Manuela's blog about some cute Country Living things she bought at K-Mart.
Well, my town does not have a K-mart, I don't even think my whole state has one anymore, but Texarkana has a nice K-Mart. So when we visited our parents, we also did a little shopping trip. I got some great things and am using all of them everyday.

2 of our beds needed dust ruffles and I could not find any in my town.
The glass pitchers are so nice for holding iced tea in the fridge, they don't take up much room on the shelf and Jeff thinks the tea is colder and tastes better in glass.
2 red brushes for scrubbing pots and the kitchen sink
and some really cute toile-esque dishes.

isn't the tiny bird inside the bowl cute?

I have not even put these dishes in the cabinet yet. They have become our everyday dishes and live on the counter or in the dishwasher as we have been using them for every meal.

If you don't have K-Mart in your town, they have a great website and you can just mail order these cute Country Living items.


  1. There's a Kmart here in Tulsa at 51st & Harvard & also one in Sand Springs. I love the dishes you found! Roosters are one of my favorites in the kitchen.

  2. No K-Mart in my part of OK but we aren't far from Texarkana. In fact, our kids shop there from Idabel.

  3. Hi Rhonda,
    How beautiful. We don't have a Kmart here either. I love the dishes.

  4. Super cute - I might have to check out the Kmart - we got one left !

  5. I remember seeing these dishes on Manuela's blog and thinking how very cute they were!

  6. I haven't been to K-Mart in a while. Looks like I need to go...soon!

  7. Aren't those bowls just the cutest! I just love that whole line and I've always disliked KMart LOL! But now it's my favorite store! I think people can purchase these things on line at Kmart.com or Sears if there isn't a store near them.

    I'm glad you're enjoying them as much as me! I love having something that beautiful and functional.


  8. Rhonda, had to smile over "Jeff thinks the glass makes the tea colder" comment. In the early part of summer, John wanted a blue plastic cup at the supermarket. I loathe drinking from plastic, so told him "No." But later when I went back it was marked down to $.49...I couldn't forget how he'd reached out to pick it up...So I bought the darned thing for him. He loves LOVES it. He says that water tastes better in that blue cup, lol and he does drink more water if the blue cup is clean and ready. Silly things aren't they? I mean, I KNOW my coffee tastes good in every cup in the cupboard, but that cream and black one from Waverly Gardens makes it seem much better.

  9. Oh my gosh! I LOVE those plates and bowls! But KMart is a bit far for me...lol. I can imagine you would make these your every day dishes. They also will make you feel like every day is special.

    Loved the comment back from your mother. I told my mother she and you remind me of her and I. Thanks for letting me know she wrote that to me. I still cannot believe she got that glass from an oatmeal box...lol.

    Hugs ~

  10. No K-Marts here in Canada any more. And I love those dishes. Oh well!

  11. First time here.Your blog is just lovely!!
    So pretty dishes!
    Have a great time!

  12. Oh, I'm jealous! I looked on their website, as we don't have a store here either. So guess I'll have to order online!

  13. There is still a Kmart in Enid too! Love those dishes.


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