Tuesday, December 1, 2009

it's time to move

I'm moving to a new blog - with a name that suits me better
I hope you'll come visit me at

If you do stuff

Monday, November 16, 2009

Did you have a bad day today?

or did you wake up to a messy house to clean up after the weekend? Think your laundry room was bad?
Look what happened in my friend Tammy's house, her blog is Play for a Moment - but she did not get to play until she cleaned this up.

read the rest of the story at her blog, she makes it sound a little humorous but I know she is still wishing it never happened.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello everyone, I am fine, just been busy at home with some of those once a year cleaning projects. I've also been working on some Christmas gifts but I can't show you those yet.

One easy project I did for the first time is Martha Stewart glitter cards.
The site has instructions and even free print outs for different cards. Just use some card stock in your printer.
I have an assortment of Martha glitter that I bought after a holiday on clearance and some that I got from Nina. I don't think you would have to use Martha's glitter but it does need to be a fine texture glitter and the glue need to have a tiny whole that it is dispensed from. Her instructions say to use canned air to remove the extra glitter, I just thumped the back of cards and all the extra came off.

Isn't this fabric so sweet? I won it on blog giveaway from Heidi in Holland.
She has 2 wonderful blogs and is going to host giveaways on both through the holiday season. The Cranberry Chronicle and All My Scattering Moments

hmmm, I wonder if I could be lucky enough to win twice?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I wanted a few plants....

We are trying to eat healthier and just be healthier. I've been reading some magazines and books, every "healthy" type home advice says a home needs some houseplants to help clean the air.
So I thought I would get a few.

My parents have a lot of plants on their patio and Dad gave me a mixture of ones he had started.
So I brought them home and divided them up, repotting in them pots we already had.

I thought the plants needed some extra sunshine, so I swapped out the pink toile curtains that are usually in this nook for some fruit and floral print valances were hanging there before the toile.

Dad's plants gave us a nice assortment.

Then the day before we went to OKC last week for Jeff's VA appt., I got a B1G1F coupon for houseplants from Home Depot.
If you know me, you know I love good coupons. So we stopped at Home Depot. And not only did I have that good coupon, they had lots of nice hardy looking plants on clearance for 5/$10.
So of course, I picked out 5 more.

I guess our air will be lots cleaner now :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

K-Mart should pay a commision to Manuela

Last month I read on Manuela's blog about some cute Country Living things she bought at K-Mart.
Well, my town does not have a K-mart, I don't even think my whole state has one anymore, but Texarkana has a nice K-Mart. So when we visited our parents, we also did a little shopping trip. I got some great things and am using all of them everyday.

2 of our beds needed dust ruffles and I could not find any in my town.
The glass pitchers are so nice for holding iced tea in the fridge, they don't take up much room on the shelf and Jeff thinks the tea is colder and tastes better in glass.
2 red brushes for scrubbing pots and the kitchen sink
and some really cute toile-esque dishes.

isn't the tiny bird inside the bowl cute?

I have not even put these dishes in the cabinet yet. They have become our everyday dishes and live on the counter or in the dishwasher as we have been using them for every meal.

If you don't have K-Mart in your town, they have a great website and you can just mail order these cute Country Living items.