Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Valentines Day Tree

This tree is still a work in progress. It is our first year to have a Valentines tree so I pretty much started from scratch with its decorations.
It needs more tinsel and more ornaments but I refuse to buy anything unless I really like it.
The 4 ornaments in the close-up are some of my favorites. The postcard belonged my grandmother-in-law. The pink crocheted heart is from an online friend named Joanne. The felt and sequin hearts were stitched by me.

My Pink Room

This is our recently redecorated breakfast room. We moved to a new house in town 4 years ago after living in the country for 11 years. I have had a difficult time decorating this house because even though I like country things and I brought many country things on this move, the country items just don't seem at home here.

First we had this area all done in white and it was pretty but too sterile.

Then we hah dark green valances with fruit on them, gold brocade on the seat cushions, dark antique-looking plaques on the wall. It was also pretty but not very pleasing to me.

I found this pink toile fabric at a very good price on Ebay and saw the wreaths on another blog and I thought pink is what that room needs. I have never liked pink before but I LOVE this room. I was afraid my family might think it was too girly but they seem to like it as much as I do. I think they must secretly like pink too because they have been adding to the room.

My mom is a prolific crocheter and she brought me 3 large doilies in bubble pink.

DS Jimmy just brought these pink flowers from the grocery store, said he thought they would look pretty in the pink room.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DD Nina has been working on this baby quilt for about a week and tonight she finished it enough to take it home. It is for a brand new baby boy whose daddy is a football coach and works with Nina's fiance. Nina thinks the baby will be around plenty of sports so she choose a nursery rhyme theme instead. She fussy cut the green blocks and they each have a different nursery rhyme character in them.

More about me--just things going on with my family

I am a Christian wife and we are empty nesters, all our children are grown and on their own. My heart is always at home, but for now, I work away from home in an office. Our home is a new house but I love old and vintage things so I am always arranging to make things fit and seem at home. Mostly, I want my home to be comfortable and pretty.I like to sew and cook and do most every craft.I do not consider myself to be a writer so this blog may be mostly pictures and mostly a journal for myself.
But if anyone else enjoys it, then that is great too.