Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Okinawa China

I love to change things around, always trying to find ways to make my home prettier and to function better. I have this set of china that DH bought when he was on an unaccompanied tour in Okinawa in 1990. He went to a china shop with another one of his Marine buddies and they both bought sets.
I have not used mine very much and since we don't have a china hutch in this house, they were not on display either.
DH was gone all weekend so I spent Saturday redoing my cabinets.
I got the china out of a hidden away corner cabinet, washed it all and put in our main dish cabinet.

Then I moved the everyday white dishes to a small cabinet between the microwave and refrigerator.

I cleaned out all the kitchen utensils, keeping out only the ones I use regularly and store some of the seldom used ones away.
I previously had 2 holders on the countertop holding utensils. Now I just have this one, an Italian clay pot painted raspberry pink.

When I was done, I had 4 boxes of things to donate thrift store.

Jeff liked the changes when he got home. But Nina's boyfriend was so confused when he tried to fix himself a snack. He is a funny boy and even though they have been dating for 3 1/2 years, he is still not used to my changing things. He better get used to it though, because Nina, his future wife, is an awful lot like her momma.

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  1. It always feels so good to have everything reorganized and cleaned out. I love that feeling!


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