Saturday, February 24, 2007

Reproduction feed sack prints

Pink prints

Blue, green and lilac prints

I went to Wal-mart for just a few groceries and meant to just take a quick look around the fabric department. I found all these 1930's looking feedsack prints for just $2 a yard and could not resist them. They are not the very nicest quality fabric but they will be fine for crafts or simple quilts.

While I was there waiting to get my fabric cut, I met 2 college boys buying fabric for ponchos to wear to a date party tonight. They even belong to one of the fraternities I used to cook for. Hope they have fun.

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  1. Very pretty fabric, Rhonda. I have a photograph of my grandmother as a toddler, with two of her sisters, and they all three have on obviously homemade dresses, which I think were probably made from flour sacks. I wonder which of your lovely colors they were...


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