Friday, May 18, 2007

Backyard decorating with a tiny budget

Our budget is just a bit stretched right now, with Nina's wedding this summer and knowing we will need to help out Jimmy when he starts graduate school. We moved to this house almost 5 years ago and have spent very little time in the backyard except when Jeff is cooking on his barbecue or smoker and when we play with Theo, our dog. This pergola was put in by the previous owner but as you can see, there is no concrete or wood deck underneath it. And we have been having a drainage problem as seen in a previous post but we are working with the owner of the land behind and uphill of us to try to take care of that. So the deck or patio is not going to happen this summer but I wanted to make the backyard prettier.
I spray painted the old Rubbermaid plastic chairs white and covered the table with a cloth from the linen closet.
These are Morning Glory seeds that have been planted just about 2 weeks. I hope they will climb up the home-made stick trellis onto the pergola posts.
I spent very little money, just on some spray paint and flower seeds. It is still not what I would prefer it to be but it is a very nice place to sit with my morning tea and read a book in the evening.
I hope to just bloom where I am planted and be happy about it.