Friday, May 18, 2007

Just a fraction of my Mom's stash

Jeff and I took a weekend trip to the Piney Woods of East Texas to see our parents for Mothers Day. None of our kids could go but our parents were pretty happy to see just us.
My mother has been a seamstress and crafter just about all here life. She also thinks more is better and has huge amounts of supplies for all kinds of projects.
She sent me home with massive amount of Christmas fabric yo-yos. I don't know if the picture shows how many there are but I think there is easily enough for 2 quilts.

Mom also insisted we go through her fabric, not her quilt fabric and fat quarters but just her general sewing fabric. I probably came home with about 10% of it. These pieces are all at least 1 yard, some as much as 5 or 6 yards. The stack on the left is all Christmas fabric and I plan on making criss cross coasters and pot holders as gifts for my friends.
The rest, I have no plans right now but as soon as we done with this wedding, I hope to get back to my regular sewing patterns.