Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Garage Sale finds

DD Nina and I got up early Saturday morning hoping to find some good sales. We think we hit the jackpot. She was mostly looking for vases for the centerpieces at wedding and big glass containers to use on the candy bar. She found at least 6 beautiful vases and 2 jars (I lost count)
After shopping for 2 hours, we had a nice breakfast at Panera Bread.
It was really nice morning and I think we both burned off some of our wedding preparation
8 blue napkins were 50 cents
Pampered Chef chopper 25 cents
patchwork potholder 10 cents!!!
vintage salt and pepper shakers 10 cents each
airbake cookie sheet 25 cents
table cloth, red checks, new in package for $1

The chairs and mirror were all $1 each and I think they give our front door some charm.

Brand new His and Hers embroidered pillow cases, 50 cents each. I think they were a wedding gift but the couple did not appreciate them. But I sure do.

This little table was $5 and I will probably paint it white. The frames and silver jewelry box were all 25 cents each. I think the silver frame will be even more beautiful with a picture of my sweet Nina and her John after they get married.


  1. You really did hit the jackpot. I love it all but I think the pillowcases and s/p shakers are my favorites.

    Cheers! LA

  2. I cannot believe how good a yard sale finder you are! These are not only great deals, they are amazingly beautiful items too. Enjoy each and every one. I hope you will show us the table again if you do paint it white. I would love to see it.

  3. Wow - you got great deals! I love the chairs and mirror by the front door.
    What is Nina putting in the centerpiece vases for the wedding?

  4. Tammy, Nina's wedding colors are shades of blues and browns. The round tables will have white cloths and then a big brown satin sqaure (I am sewing the brown ones)
    the assorted vases will be filled with coffee beans and maybe a white candle. Then helium balloons in shades of brown and blue will be anchored in the center of the vases.

    We saw the coffee beans in vases done at another reception when we were shopping for reception sites. The coffee beans smell wonderful!


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