Thursday, May 3, 2007

Whats new at my home

Fresh baked banana pecan bread on a cutting board made years ago in Vacation Bible School by son Jimmy . He will be graduating this week with his second BA and starts law school in August.

The pretty aqua tea pot was a gift from my Secret Sister.

New sofa pillows.

The tree is not new but we have never had a flower bed around it. The flowers are all pink,
hydrangeas, impatiens and dianthus.

The bush in the corner is called a blushing bride hydrangea and is covered with buds, the picture just doesn't show them.

A hydrangea up close.
The mulch is Oklahoma Cedar and smells as good as it looks.

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  1. I love hydrangea and hope to put a few in my garden this year.

    Cheers! LA


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