Saturday, June 30, 2007

Country Cookout

My stepson Clint and his wife Amanda hosted a party last weekend. It was celebrating Amanda's birthday and a good excuse a cook alot of meat. They smoked brisket, ribs, porkloin and chicken. On a grill, they cooked burgers, hot links and brats. My favorite was the salmon.
Clint and Jeff and a really big smoker.
. :)
Amanda setting up the buffet. Clint and Amanda live in the house in the background. It used to belong to my husbands grandparents and we lived in it for 2 years.
Clint and Amanda's really cute calves.
In pictures, country living looks so wonderful. But I lived in the country for 11 years and I really tried to like it, but I never did. I can tell you 50 bad things about living in the country but here are just a few---bugs, mud, dust, critters, bad neighbors who don't have follow any ordinances , never knowing if your mailbox would be standing up, etc. Sorry, that is enough complaining for now.

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  1. Your houses all seem to have so much lovely land with them - there must be a lovely feeling of space and ideal for gatherings and parties.


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