Monday, June 18, 2007

Easy sewing projects

I made all of these projects over the last 4 days, all are easy to make and pretty much goof-proof. Sack holder for the kitchen, I got this really nice cherry fabric at a thrift store for 75 cents. The pieces are big and odd shapes but completely usable for craft projects.
Tissue and wet wipe holders, just to make them a little prettier in your purse. I think wetwipes are essential when I thrift shop and go to garage sales for cleaning my hands afterwards.
Headbands made from a free printable pattern from
Criss cross coasters and potholders for my brother's August birthday made with a free pattern from
I changed mine just a bit and used bigger squares for the coasters 5 inches and for the potholders, 9 inches.
A big handbag for me, it is beige toile with brown rickrack, brown and pink dotted ribbon and brown and white calico lining.


  1. I can't believe you made all of that in four days!!! Amazing and inspiring. I adore that cherry fabric.

  2. Thank you so much for the complements.

    But it is not really that amazing. I am just at a stage in my life where I am able to have more spare time than I used to - all my children are living on their own, I am employed but just part time, I have a room that is dedicated to only my craft items and a space to work and I have been sewing for a long time, 40 years!

  3. How wonderful Rhonda! Great job of sewing and what fun things for your house and as gifts. By the way, I love the term goof~proof! LOL!

  4. Rhonda, your sewing projects are inspiring to me! I used to sew all the time, even sold my dolls and teddy bears at craft shows. But since I started to work full time, I've neglected these projects. Do you know I started making a valance for my sliding glass door more than a year ago? Sheesh! When my daughter moves out later this summer, I am determined to find a way for my sewing machine to be out all the time for easy access. Maybe then I'll get back into it. And one of my first projects will be some of those headbands! I've printed it out, and will go pick up some fabric today. Thanks!


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