Friday, June 1, 2007

Fabulosa is fabulous!

Have you tried this lavender scented cleaner called Fabulosa? I bought it a few weeks ago and used a coupon, I think it sells for $1.75 at Wal-mart and I had a 50 cent coupon. It cleans the floors just fine and has the nicest lavender scent that stays around for a couple days or so.


  1. I love this stuff. It is the only cleaner that doesn't make me sick because of its smell. We found it five years ago when I was pregnant. My cleaner smell issue was at an all time high then! :)

    Cheers! LA

  2. LA,
    You have known about this stuff for 5 years. Wow, I thought this was a NEW product, I guess I am always behind the times!

  3. MD,
    Wow I didn't know this product has been around that long, I just found out about it a week ago, and I tried it and yes the Lavender smells so good. I just love it


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