Monday, December 3, 2007

Birthday cake for the boss

Today is Jeff's boss's birthday. We decided to just bake a cake for him instead of the expensive and not so tasty bakery idea. Our town does not have a good bakery, just the big grocery stores and a few doughnut shops.
I used 2 cake mixes, one white and one dark chocolate, bought on sale with coupons. I baked them in checkerboard pans and it made a very tall 3 layer cake. I wish I could of cut a slice for this picture but I think the guys would of noticed.
The frosting was made from scratch with Aldis powdered sugar, cocoa, vanilla, butter and a little milk.
The pecans on top were free, Jeff picked them up and shelled them.
So, for less than $3.75 and 1/2 hour of actual time, Jeff's boss is getting a very nice cake today.
Happy Birthday, John!
even though I am certain he does not read my blog!


  1. Uh, would you like to know when my birthday is? Love, Esther

  2. WOW! Now that is one great looking cake!

    ~~ Heidi ~~


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