Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Theirs are bigger than mine"

One of my sons commented when he saw the new stockings for John and Nina that their stockings were bigger than his. I had been wanting to make stockings with names on them for all the kids and I managed to do that this week.
The felt appliques are easy to work with. I sewed them on the stockings with clear nylon thread, it sews in almost invisible and saves time on all that thread changing when using colored thread.
The dark red ones on the left belong to Jeff and me, maybe we will get new ones this year but maybe we won't.
This is son Bobby. I think it is self portrait he secretly took of himself with my camera. Bobby has been a picture poser since the day he was born and has never met a camera he did not like.


  1. But ours are suppossed to be bigger, you love us more so we need more space than the boys. :) hee hee

  2. I am impressed with all the cute stockings you have made! Do you have stuff to fill them with? On my list of things to do is to put our grandbaby's name on his stocking. I plan to do it with glitter. Maybe by next year I could make everybody at our house cute matching stockings like yours. My kids' stockings are getting ratty looking. They have been using them all their lives!


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