Saturday, December 8, 2007


This is Jeff in the backyard with his Horizon smoker.
When he smokes meat, it takes a lot of wood and a good part of a day. So he cooks lots of meat and then we freeze most of it for future meals.
We have several good barbecue restaurants in our town but Jeff's meat is better than any of them.
I love having this meat already cooked in the freezer, it is the ultimate in convenience food.
The loins get sliced, the butts are made into chopped barbecue sandwiches, and the chickens will just be frozen whole. 2 pork loins and 2 pork butts just getting started.
Jeff wraps them in foil after they have taken on a lot of smoke flavor and then lets them continue to cook in the foil so they don't dry out. He also cooked 2 whole chickens.


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