Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I finished the tying last night and machine sewed the binding this morning. It is completely a scrap quilt. The backing is a black print with mistletoe and holly. It looks a little Christmas-y but mistletoe is the Oklahoma state flower and I really like it. Plus, the backing is a huge length of fabric bought at a thrift store several years ago.
The only thing "new" in this quilt is the batting and it was purchased at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon.


  1. Rhonda - This is so bright and cheerful! Where will you use it - or will the kids be competing to take it home? :o)

  2. It's coming to my house Tammy. :)

  3. I love scrap quilts and this one is great. I was sewing this morning too!

  4. Tammy and Nina, this quilt will be staying at my house. The kids are have several quilts from me anyway.

    Jeff really likes this quilt and he asked for it first, sorry Nina.

    Debbie, I was thinking about you when I was sewing at 6:00 a.m. and wondering if you were too.

  5. Wow, I love your quilt. I can't believe it is made entirely out of scraps. You must have a lot of scrap fabric laying around!
    The Happy Housewife


  6. Oh Rhonda! I love how this quilt turned out!!! Great job and so fast. Can you do some of my UFOs? :) I am glad you are keeping this one for yourself as I know you said you really love the colors. Enjoy using it.

    Hugs ~

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!! If Nina tires of it, send it my way! :) Susan in SC

  8. Why to go!!!! It turned out wonderful! Love, Esther

  9. I'm on http://blissfullydomestic.ning.com/ with you and I'm also from Oklahoma. Mistletoe is no longer our state flower, it's like the state plant now or something and the indian paint brush is the state flower.


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