Monday, February 18, 2008

A Year of Savings - Roast Beef & Roast Beef Hash

For Sunday lunch, we had traditional style roast beef baked with carrots and potatoes. I start the roast cooking in the oven about 7:30 at 400 degrees, then about 9:00, I add the vegetables and turn the oven to just 250-275 and leave it baking while we go to church. When we get home, the house smells wonderful, our meal is ready and we don't have to fight the crowds or pay a big tab at a resturant.
For supper tonight, I made what my mom calls Roast Beef Hash. It is just the roast leftovers, cubed and heated in the gravy. It is especially good on toast, kind of like a diner-style hot roast beef sandwich.


  1. Neat!

    I'm cooking roast beef hash for lunch today--though until now I've only had it in a can.

    Glad to know what it looks like!

  2. Oh, man. Yummy! My mother (the Scottish lady she is) used to make "Bubble and Squeak" on Mondays. It is leftovers from a big sunday dinner - a roast meat of sometype, with potatos combined with leftover veggies, fried up. I guess it was a traditional Monday dish, as Mondays were considered wash days, so left overs were in order. Love, Esther


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