Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Where does the time go? Sometimes I feel so old and other times I still feel like this brand new bride way back in 1980.
Jeff and I got married 27 years ago. We did not want a big wedding but our mothers had other ideas. By most standards, it was a very small wedding. There were 75 family members and guests. We each had one attendant and it took place in Jeff's parents very large den in Texarkana, Arkansas. Our mothers insisted on lots of flowers, a fancy photographer, engraved invitations and napkins, a champagne fountain and many frills at the reception.
Our colors were peach and green, very much the fashionable colors then. You can just see my bouquet on the left side of the table. Jeff wanted to wear his brown leisure suit but his mom bought that fancy cream-colored one and insisted he wear it.
My dress is very simple, just a satin slip under-dress with a lace over dress and sash at the waist-no petticoats or anything. I was wearing some fancy $66 shoes that my mother bought, that was a very high priced pair of shoes back then.

Jeff was an inactive Marine reserve when we got married but one month later, he went active-duty and we moved to Camp Pendleton California. He got a serious haircut and shave then :)

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  1. When I first saw this picture I thought 'Nina?' Your daughter looks so much like you in this picture. You were a beautiful bride. When I first saw you I thought how much Nina looks like you and now seeing you at the age she is now, 'yep' she does!


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