Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Easter decorations around my home

These are just a few of the Easter decorations around our home. I really like Easter. The most important reason is the celebration of Jesus dying and rising again to save us. Having these decorations of new life around my home continually reminds me of that.

The first one is our Easter tree. It is just a little wild tree cut from a fence line and stuck in a pot with broken-up concrete from the consruction area behind our housing area. I made the counted cross stitch and plastic canvas ornaments. My mom crocheted the Victorian eggs. They are just covers over plastic eggs, with little ribbon bows and roses added to top. This was a free internet pattern I found years ago.

Can you see the Easter decorations on the mantle? The painting on the wall kind of dominates the picture. (no, I did not paint it, a friend who does murals porfessionally did it) I really like the way the eggs and grass look in the clear vases. The 3 eggs and white chicken belonged to my grandmother, Minnie Maye.

Wow, I have had these three little field rabbits so long, they look vintage!


  1. I love those rabbits. Thanks for sharing your decos.

    Cheers! La

  2. The mural is really beautiful - what a clever friend you have to be able to paint like that and your Easter decorations look so good with it


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