Friday, March 9, 2007

Dodger Girl

This is Dodger Girl, pictured back when she was in her prime. She was my brother's dog and best buddy for the last 4 years. Brother Rex is a never married bachelor without children and had never had a pet. He is an electrical contractor and he met up with Dodger at a remote job site. Dodger was instantly attracted to Rex. He fed her each time he worked there and tried for several days to find her owner but she apparently did not have one.
Rex adopted her and became just like any first time parent. He took such good care of Dodger and she loved him just as much. My parents had never had a pet either but they loved Dodger so much that they provided doggie-daycare for Dodger whenever Rex was working.
Despite their best care and all their love for her, she developed liver disease.
Dodger passed away in her sleep Wednesday night, sleeping on the bed with Rex at his feet.
Rex lives on a 6 acre rural hobby farm and he buried her toward the back of the land in one of her favorite places to play.

Dodger Girl, I pray you are resting in peace.

I am not trying to make anyone sad but I hope if you have a pet, you will take good care of it. Have them spayed or nuetered.
If you don't have a pet, animal shelters are forced to put down thousands of loveable pets daily. Please consider adopting one.

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