Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I love the thrift stores in my town!

I went to work this morning but there was nothing for me to do. I get paid by the hour and I could of stayed my whole shift but I always prefer to leave it they don't need me. I am especially glad I left today. I left work at 10:15, just after the thrift stores opened. I spent about $10 and got so many treasures.

Pampered Chef tongs were just 25 cents.
6 dainty china tea cups decorated with pink rosebuds
white divided Pyrex dish

vintage and current magazines 10 cents each

a nice basket to hold hair products under my bathroom sink
vintage rick rack and buttons
a label maker
rubber stamp
wedding stamps

more craft supplies
Fiskar circle template
another rubber stamp
cross stitch pattern

Easter Egg garland
sweet ceramic bunny
funky girl wearing a Happy New Year banner

I didn't take pictures but I also got 2 white matalesse pillow shams and a Tupperware container that will be perfect for hubby's lunchbox.


  1. Yahtzee! Love what you got. Actually, I'm a little jealous. :)

    Cheers! LA

  2. Yes, Leigh Ann, some of these things would look great in your pink kitchen too.

  3. Wow what great finds! You sure hit the jackpot!

  4. Rhonda, I'm so impressed! So much for the little money you spent. I haven't been to our thrift store since Christmas week. Might be time for another visit. And Happy Anniversary to you and Jeff. Many sweet wishes to you two. I like your new blog layout. It looks nice!


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