Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rain....the good and the bad

I bought a flat of assorted bedding plants at the farm supply store and planted them in pots by the front door.

The front of our house looks pretty good because the front yard slopes so the rain can drain off. The front yard has been sprayed to prevent weed growth so the grass is in decent shape.

But then there is the backyard. We have not done much to it because it is mostly where our dog and any visiting dogs play and do their business. When it rains a lot in a short time, it just puddles our there. It will drain soon. Don't think I am complaining. We need this rain so bad.
We have been in a drought in our part of Oklahoma for months. The water levels in the all the ponds and lakes have been down, some towns have had to ration water and there have been lots of brush fires.


  1. Rain, rain, don't go away! :)

    I'm still coveting your thrifty finds.

    I can't believe you live so far from Target. I used to live about 25 miles from one when in Texas and that was hard for me. I can't imagine 60 miles!

    Cheers! LA

  2. I wish we would get some rain. Holland is normally very rainy and we have had none for a long time. There are worries if the ground water goes too much lower, we could loose some of the historical buildings in the country.

    I adore the look of your house Rhonda! I miss American houses and their cozy look and feel.

  3. Wht a lovely house you have. I always love looking at houses in America as they always look so interesting and you have this urge to open the door and see whats inside. living in England a lot of our houses are much the same apart from some of the beautiful chocolate box cottages that we have in many of our villages.


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