Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Free" dishclothes

I made these 6 dish clothes for the kitchen from a fairly new bath towel that must of had faulty workmanship. The edge of that white bath towel ripped in several places and I tried to repair it with zig-zag stitching but the edge just got too ragged.
So I cut that towel into 6 generous-sized squares, cut off the corners to a nice rounded shape and zig-zagged all the edges with white thread.
The fun part was trimming them with vintage pink, red and aqua rick rack from the thrift store, and a little bit of red and aqua bias trim too.
While I am not too happy about the short life this had as a bath towel, I needed new dish clothes and I am glad I thought to reuse it for this purpose. Old towels have always got cut up for cleaning rags at our house but this towel was too nice for rags.
So now we have 6 very pretty dish clothes that will make me smile when I use them.
This was a very easy sewing project. I know lots of people think sewing requires as much skill as brain-surgery but that is not true. Sewing is one of the biggest budget helpers I can think of and is easily learned.


  1. Those are so pretty, and this is a great idea. If you're like me, you never can have enough dish cloths. I have been thinking of perhaps knitting some. Have you ever done that?


  2. Hi Shirley,
    I don't knit but my grandmother used to knit them for me. And my mom crochets them too.
    But I use a lot of dish clothes and love having fresh ones.

  3. That is an awesome idea! I have a few towels that are on their last leg, but would be perfect to cut out some washclothes from some of the good parts. I never have enough washclothes either.

  4. These are so cute...our likes and dislikes are very similiar I can tell....and yes I am a Thrift shop girl...TOTALLY...
    On my blog Roll...Jen from *Lots for Less* has some neat ideas for using flannel..and cloth napkins that I read this week..I love being encouraged my other Christian women...what a JOY...


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