Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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Breanna at me to share from of my favorites. So here we goes...

Favorite:Sound –whenever any appliances we own are working like they are supposed. Sadly, our major appliances rarely last more than 5 years and I am truly grateful every time they do their jobs.

Late Night Snack – I have been dieting since June and don’t eat late night snacks anymore, if I do have something, it is ice water or Diet Dr Pepper.

Smell – lavender or cinnamon

Color Combination – aqua with red or pink

Nut – I like all of them but pecans and cashews are my favorites with English walnuts right behind

Time of Year – I like May because I live in a college town and most all the students go home in May and our town turns back into a nice and quiet village, no traffic or lines anywhere.

Books – I used to read lots but don’t seem to much anymore. I usually read newspapers and magazines. I like all the Mitford series and Beth Moore’s books for Bible study

Female Actress – Maureen O’Hara

Flower – daisies

Vacation Spot – We like Branson but have not been in several years.

Pizza – Deluxe with lots of vegetables

Subject in School – Home Economics

TV Channel – HGTV and I LOVE Clean House on Style

Radio Station – our local Christian station, KLVV

Holiday -- Easter

Perfume – I don’t wear it much

Shoes – I have cranky feet – no arches, heel spurs, bunions – and I like cute shoes but the comfort test always comes first. Right now, I mostly wear black and pink FIT flip flops that are supposed to my exercise my legs. I paid way too much for them and my regret over doing that got me back to seriously thinking how I spend my money. The shoes are pretty comfortable

Candy – again, I am dieting and don’t eat sugar. But I do like all chocolate especially with nuts, I just don’t eat it anymore

City to Shop – We rarely go anywhere except Tulsa or Oklahoma City. I don’t really like either one but I guess I like OKC best.

Beauty Products – Ponds cold cream and moisturizer

Item to Shop For – I do love thrift stores and garage sales.

And now I am supposed to tag two people, how about Louise or Terri or Heidi or Joanne or Tammy or anyone who is reading this and wants to do this.


  1. Rhonda, I'll take the challenge and list my favorites :) It will take me a day or two to get to it, but I promise. It was fun to see what you listed!
    Hugs, Joanne

  2. I too took the challenge Rhonda and answered them already on my CelebrateTheSeasons blog. Thanks as it was fun.


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