Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thrift purchases

Jeff and I went to few garage sales this morning, he was the chauffeur and I was the shopper.
the nifty little Seamstress steamer was 25 cents and it works great!
complete set of Tupperware measuring cups 25 cents
vintage Tupperware grater and Velveeta keeper 15 cents each
vintage crochet books, 25 cents each.
my mom will be getting these as part of her birthday gifts in November. She loves to crochet doilies.

$4 dollars worth of jars.

I will have to put some of them in the attic because I don't think there is room to store them neatly in the kitchen. But I am thinking some of them may end up as the containers for edible Christmas gifts.


  1. I just discovered the joy of going to the auction! I couldn't believe the stuff I got for only $2! Next to thrift stores, the auction is now my favorite place to go.

  2. Rhonda, thanks for the sweet comment. My heart is always at home too! Great yard sale finds! I've used the jars for Christmas gifts too. I put roasted home grown pecans in some and home made hot chocolate mix in others. I cut a circular piece of Christmas fabric and then put the ring over it. The pecans were a hit, but our trees don't always bear fruit and they are really expensive at the store.


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