Monday, September 17, 2007

Thrift store flop

I post about many great deals from thrift stores and garage sales but not every purchase turns out to be as good as it seemed.
I bought this Lands End dress shirt for $1 at Salvation Army, it looked like new and was even freshly starched from the cleaners. I washed it and noticed when I took it out of the dryer that is has the initials WBB embroidered on the cuff. My husband laughed and said he did not mind the initials because he always rolls up his cuffs. But when he tried it on, it was too small for him.
So, does any one have a husband with the initials WBB that needs a 16 X 34 shirt that runs small?


  1. Hey, sometimes that happens. Can ya use the material for something? Make little embroidered pillows or something?
    Love, Esther

  2. Hi Rhonda - how funny about the shirt and the initials. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today. I see I have a lot of reading to catch up with your entries. I'm enjoying the thrift store finds and the daily bible verse is a nice addition!

  3. Hello Rhonda..found you over at Miss. Esther's. Love your polka-dot wall pocket! Your towels are too adorable as well. Sweet rick rack. So glad to have found you...oh and I would have done the same thing with the shirt rofl. cherry

  4. Take a seam-ripper to the embroidery. My daughter found a hoodie at Goodwill last week with her high school mascot on it, but it had a name embroidered on the pocket. I carefully took the seam-ripper to it and you can't even tell, after a wash. Too bad it was too small - that's a nice shirt!

  5. Almost. My husband's initials are WBJ. But it would be much too small. LOL


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